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Our 14 attorneys and total staff of more than 40 professionals makes us one of the largest specialty immigration firms in New England. Our focus is principally on corporate and business immigration, although we are a full-service firm and also advise clients in naturalization, family-based immigration, and humanitarian relief.  We are at the forefront of client advocacy and exceptional service, and we are committed to creating value for our clients. 

Supreme Court Blocks Effort to End DACA

The Supreme Court surprised many on Thursday by ruling that the Trump administration’s rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was arbitrary and capricious, putting the termination of DACA on hold—for now. Chief Justice John Roberts...

Visa holders, take note: risks of participating in protests

We are appalled at the historic mistreatment by police of racial minorities.  We are deeply aware of embedded racism in the United States, even on the part of people who believe that they are not motivated by race, much less racist themselves.  We understand that...