CommonWealth Magazine journalist Sarah Betancourt quotes Phil Curtis, managing partner at Chin&Curtis, in her piece about President Trump’s June-22 executive order restricting the issuance of green cards.

At Chin & Curtis, a business immigration firm in Boston, co-partner Phil Curtis said that the ban will impact many companies looking for skilled workers, He said one of his clients in India was denied a H-1B visa to work with a technology company in the US last year, and appealed successfully after a year of paperwork. “Now he’s stuck in India because Trump has just said no more H-1B visas will be issued,” Curtis said. The man, who does not want to be named out of concern over his application, works in IT and was supposed to work for a digital marketing company.

In Boston, Curtis called the administration’s statistic of saving 525,000 US jobs “nonsense” since there are only a certain amount of visas given out in many visa categories per year, and the numbers of those coming from overseas are small.

Curtis’s firm also represents businesses seeking to bring their international managers to the US on an L-visa. “It’s a well-utilized visa category that hasn’t been controversial until now,” he said. “If you can’t even transfer a manager for US Airways or BMW to the states, this is just making it harder to conduct business.”

For more: Betancourt, Sarah. “Trump Suspends Visa Program Bringing Workers to US.” CommonWealth Magazine, 24 June 2020,