Managing Partner Phil Curtis authored an article, “The top three immigration issues impacting workforce strategy,” for CEOWORLD.

With the business toll from the pandemic continuing to mount, CEOs have shifted strategies to meet the new market. In some cases, this means a total reinvention – but in many, it means assessing the workforce and adapting to the new reality.


Foreign workers make up a sizable percentage of the U.S. employment pool. As any tech or healthcare leader will attest, high caliber professionals from outside the U.S. are crucial components of growth. Consider that in the 2020 lottery for H1-B work visas, roughly 46% of the 275,000 registrants held a U.S. master’s degree or higher.


Managing such foreign-born workers in the current climate has added yet another layer of complexity to 2020 (and perhaps beyond). There are three areas CEOs should consider as they and human resource leaders manage this segment of their workforce: changes in travel restrictions, the impact of layoffs, and election season surprises.

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