In conjunction with the CDC requirement of a negative Covid-19 test for all international travel to the United States starting January 26, President Trump has issued a proclamation lifting the travel ban for Brazil, Schengen countries, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

  • The previous bans affected foreign nationals who had been physically present in one of these countries within 14 days of travel to the U.S.
  • If enacted, the proclamation would mean that travelers from these countries would need to comply only with the new CDC testing and documentation requirements taking effect on January 26.

However, the Biden team has stated that President-elect Biden will reverse this proclamation and retain all existing regional Covid-19 public health travel bans upon assuming office.

  • This would mean that affected foreign nationals will continue to be subject to the regional bans and will also be required to comply with the CDC testing requirements in order to undertake international travel.

The net impact of this is expected to be no change to Covid-19 travel bans.  Assuming that the Biden Administration reverses the Trump proclamation, travelers from Brazil, Schengen countries, Ireland and the United Kingdom plus China and Iran will still be subject to the ban.  All travelers will need to comply with the new CDC testing requirement.

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