Immigration Management System

A cutting edge software that revolutionizes visa processing, while providing the latest immigration guidelines & integration capabilities

To provide a streamlined approach to immigration, WR developed WRapid, a state of the art and comprehensive Immigration Management System, for the exclusive use of our clients.

WRapid, a cloud-based portal powered by Salesforce, allows HR and foreign nationals to easily manage and track the progress of immigration cases.

WRapid Syncs Seamlessly

The most advanced immigration management system on the market, WRapid’s technology can integrate with most HR software applications including Workday.

How does WRapid work?

WRapid’s intuitive and user-friendly interface easily navigates users through the immigration process.

  • Progress indicators clearly guide users through electronic questionnaires;
  • The secure document upload feature delivers documents directly to WR’s legal professionals;
  • The case summary tool keeps all informed about the case status, visa expiration dates and documents receipt of government notices;
  • The intelligent user interface design effortlessly transfers information from one case to the next to expedite the immigration process;
  • Corporate reports allow human resources professionals to view active cases at a glance.

What are the advantages of WRapid ?

WRapid’s can be customized to better serve your corporate immigration needs. 


WRapid’s industry leading data protection creates a secure collaborative environment to exchange confidential information and documents.

Speed & Accuracy

WRapid’s unmatched fast and efficient system facilitates high volume, low cost visa processing.


WRapid’s centralized, cloud-based portal significantly improves efficiencies resulting in measurable time savings.


Clients can easily monitor the progress of their case 24/7 through WRapid without emails or phone calls.

WRapid changes what is possible.

Join the thousands of people using WRapid to surpass their corporate immigration goals. WRapid makes visa management easy. 

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